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About Glenn and Mary Wendler

The Wendler Scholarship honors Glenn and Mary Wendler who were life-long residents of the Amana Colonies in the state of Iowa.  Married for just shy of 50 years, they both died in 2001.  Following their deaths, their family and many friends established this scholarship to recognize outstanding high school graduates who display the traits that brought Glenn and Mary their success.

Glenn attributed much of his success to his college education and engineering degree from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.  Accordingly, this scholarship is for someone intending to pursue a career in engineering or similar fields such as architecture and construction.

Both Glenn and Mary were hard workers and active community volunteers.  Glenn was a long-time elder in the Amana Church and served as President of the Amana Society, Inc.  He founded Wendler Engineering & Construction, Inc., a successful eastern Iowa engineering and construction company which continues today as WRH, Inc.  Mary participated in the Amana Church as song leader, helped found the construction company, painted, wrote poetry, and was her husband’s greatest supporter.  This scholarship recognizes these characteristics of volunteerism, teamwork, leadership, creativity, and dedication to one’s work.

Finally, because Glenn and Mary came from relatively humble beginnings, this scholarship is also based on financial need in the hope that opportunities for success become available to others from similar beginnings.